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Marla Bainbridge Martinez | Refocus Retreats

As the founder of 

Refocused Income and Refocus Retreats, 

my “why” is deeply intertwined with the core mission and values of my brand. 

My signature REFOCUS system represents my commitment to helping retreat leaders 

reframe, refocus, gain clarity,
realign with their purpose, 

and create transformative content 

that reflects their unique gifts and passions.

Refocus Retreats in Isla Mujeres, Mexico is your premier destination for bespoke luxury travel experiences. 

We specialize in curating exceptional retreats tailored to your unique preferences and desires. 

From the initial planning stages to the seamless execution of your journey,
we provide comprehensive support and meticulous attention to detail. 

Refocus Retreats is committed to crafting the perfect itinerary that exceeds your expectations. 

Indulge in the finest accommodations, savor exquisite culinary delights, and immerse yourself in the luxury of Isla Mujeres.

Our Services

Stress-Free Planning & Execution

With our deep knowledge of Isla Mujeres Properties and our connections, we handle all the logistics from finding the perfect property to managing every aspect of your event. We ensure a flawless retreat experience, allowing you to focus on your team.

Unique & Memorable Experiences

We create a perfect blend of productive work sessions and exciting team-building events. Our retreat packages include ‘Dinnertainment’ - a unique dining experience with live music and traditional performances. We aim to create memories that your team will cherish forever.

Transparent Budgeting & Accounting

We provide 24/7 live access to your budget, allowing you to make informed financial decisions anytime, anywhere. We handle all the financial details, ensuring a smooth and worry-free retreat planning process.

Refocus Retreats Services

Logistics and Location

Do you feel your biggest challenge is choosing the perfect property and handling all the travel details to eliminate stress for everyone?

That’s where we come in! Our team uses our deep knowledge of Isla Mujeres Properties and our connections with top-notch properties and partners to find the best place for your unique team.

We also take care of all the transfers, so you don’t have to. With us, you’ll get a flawless retreat experience that your team will remember forever, without any travel headaches. We make sure everything goes smoothly, so you can focus on what’s important – your team.

Casa Toloc

Itinerary and Agenda Development

You’ll enjoy a perfect blend of productive work sessions and exciting team-building events that everyone will adore. 

With our guidance, your team will engage in authentic experiences that foster relationships and enhance your company culture. 

Plus, with our handy itinerary app, all the details will be right at your fingertips, making your days smooth and stress-free.

Chef Services & Meal Planning

You want a dining experience like no other! Our retreat packages include meal services that are more than just a meal – they’re a memory.

We work with the famous chefs from Javi’s Cantina, a beloved local restaurant, to create a menu that’s tailored to your tastes and dietary needs.

But it’s not just about the food. We call it ‘Dinnertainment’ because it’s a feast for all your senses. Enjoy live music in a laid-back atmosphere, or a live mariachi band, or traditional Mexican dancers.

And the best part? The cost of food, preparation, service, and clean-up is all included in our rate. So sit back, relax, and let us create a dining experience you’ll never forget. Have a special request? Feel free to let us know. We’re here to make your vacation one to remember.

Retreat Execution

Experience a retreat that’s as flawless as it is memorable, thanks to our exceptional on-site execution. Our dedicated team, specializing in group travel planning, is committed to managing every aspect of your event with expertise and precision.

Our seasoned planners, deeply familiar with our operations, take care of all the logistics and intricate details.

So, sit back, engage, and savor the retreat you’ve envisioned. We’ve got everything else covered!

Budgets & Accounting

Worried about budgets and accounting? We’ve got you covered. 

With our expert retreat planning services, you’ll have 24/7 live access to your budget, allowing you to make informed financial decisions anytime, anywhere. We handle all the details, so you can focus on what matters most – creating an unforgettable experience for your team. 

Your CFO will love us, and your team will thank you for the trip of a lifetime.

Casa Toloc

We can take care of that.

Just like a good story, successful retreats have a special beginning to hook your team.  During the retreat, we want to keep them engaged.  At the end of the retreat, we want to leave them wanting more!  We take care of that.

Who doesn’t like to feel ‘extra’? We can take care of swag bags or other special touches that make everyone feel appreciated. We can take care of that.

When you have your team in one beautiful place, it is a perfect opportunity for a photo shoot.  We can take care of that.

Why Isla Mujeres?

Isla Mujeres is a 5 mile island in the Caribbean just a short 17 minute ferry ride from Cancun.  The island is safe and relaxed without distractions of larger cities. We are local on the island and well connected for anything you need.


Imagine having the time to truly engage with your team during your retreat, without the stress of planning. That’s where we come in. Our unique planning processes, exclusive partnerships, and leadership team experience are all geared towards giving your business the edge it needs. We’re here to make sure your time and resources are used to their fullest potential, so you can focus on what really matters – your team.

You’ll benefit from innovative team-building exercises tailored to your needs, exclusive access to properties and local businesses, and a unique approach to agenda planning that aligns seamlessly with your team’s goals. Our experienced team follows a proven planning process, meticulously documenting every detail to ensure nothing is overlooked. Plus, our strong connections within entrepreneur networks put us in a prime position to understand and cater to your business needs.

step 1 : discovery call

This introductory phone call allows us to explore your objectives, ask questions, and brainstorm ideas to kick things off.

We'll provide a comprehensive explanation of our services, operational process, and potential assistance.

Following this, we'll send you an emailed summary, and if everything aligns, we'll initiate the proposal phase.

Step 2 : proposal

This proposal will feature at least 1-3 retreat location options in Isla Mujeres, Mexico, complete with information on meal services, activities, and other elements that can enhance each choice.

After reviewing our proposal, you'll decide whether to enlist our services for your retreat.

If you wish to explore further or modify the scope from the initial proposal, we'll request you to sign a simple agreement and provide a modest deposit as a symbolic gesture and acknowledgment of the additional work.

Step 3 :


Now that you have identified
(A) the Property
(B) the date
(C) the general structure of the daily retreat agenda, we will confirm with a deposit to begin the custom planning of your retreat.

Only after you are satisfied with the budget and itinerary will we proceed to formalize the arrangement by signing a contract.

We recommend planning the menu and activity details about 2-3 months before your retreat to ensure we have the most up to date information and options.

Step 4 :


From this stage onward, the real excitement begins as we immerse ourselves in the extensive planning involved in your retreat, with the majority of the work on our shoulders.

Our team will take care of all of the details, ensuring a seamless operation and attending to the every need and desire of your team. Think of us as your all-in-one butler, concierge, and emergency hotline. With out shared app, everything will be at your fingertips.

Businesses choose Us because...

“I wasn’t the biggest fitness guy, but thanks to MotivAQ I finally found an easy way to workout from home! The classes are easy to follow and go at a good pace.”
Korey Torres
“MotivAQ took me to the next level of my at-home exercising. The instructors are really top-notch, which is amazing considering the low cost of the classes!”
Terry Dennis
“Highly recommended! They have such a big variety of classes that I can always find something new and interesting for me based on what I’m in the mood for!”
Katy Gilmore


ask us

  • A corporate retreat can serve as a way for remote companies to come together in person and for regular companies to take a break from the office and spend quality time together.
  • It allows employees to bond and connect with their co-workers in different settings.
  • They allow employees to get together in a chosen destination outside the office for some days to have different activities, ranging from fun activities to productive sessions.
  • The fun activities provide a team-bonding experience, while the productive sessions allow employers to clarify company culture, company goals/ missions, and employee roles.
  • Corporate team-building retreats are very popular today amongst forward-thinking companies.
  • These retreats have risen in popularity since a lot of people are working from home.
  • Corporate retreats were traditionally seen as events reserved for upper management, where they go to extravagant places and spend the company’s money lavishly.
  • However, corporate retreats have now shed that image of wasteful extravagance.
  • They are now events that bring the entire staff to an offsite location for business and fun.
  • Many employers plan corporate events to inject a dose of camaraderie, boost employee morale, clarify the company mission, improve company culture, etc.
  • Choosing a private villa in Isla Mujeres over a large Cancun resort for your company retreat is like unlocking a whole new level of tailored comfort and team bonding.
  • The privacy of an exclusive villa, away from the usual resort crowds.
  • Isla Mujeres is only 5 miles long, so the island is basically the size of a resort.
  • It is very safe. I have lived on the island for 13 years and I will here with you for anything you need.
  • We are all about personalization, making your experience uniquely yours, skipping the generic resort vibes here.
  • Plus, you’re not just following the usual retreat routine; we’re creating your own.
  • We can customize the itinerary to be the perfect mix of work time, brainstorming, team-building, fun activities, time on your own to explore and downtime.
  • So, it’s not just a retreat; it’s your team’s retreat, designed to be exactly what you need it to be.
  • We work with teams between 5 – 20 people. 
  • The properties on the island that we work with are anywhere from 3 bedroom to 12 bedrooms and we have the option of renting multiple villas for larger groups.
  • Typically, companies that we work with are generating revenues of approximately seven figures. 
  • Through my expertise and global connections, I free you up to do other things while I get busy spending hours of research, planning and performing due diligence on your behalf.
  • When there are hiccups, and there will be, I am there ready to refocus and solve the issue so you don’t get sucked in to the drama.
  • I have a guy. My network is established with my 13 years on the island of Isla Mujeres working in hospitality.
  • My husband is local and from the island with a plethora of connections.
  • I have a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and extensive experience leading teams to analyze current practices and set goals and outcomes.
  • My background in learning and brain research gives me advanced knowledge of structuring meetings, workshops and activities to optimize the time to meet the goals.
  • As an entrepreneur, I have multiple businesses and have experience establishing strategic planning and implementing it while building my companies culture.
  • Having a company retreat agenda informs everybody when they need to be where.
  • This is obviously key for the timely execution of any meetings or team-building pursuits.
  • With creative elements infused into the templates, such as motivational talks, learning and development workshops, interactive activities, team-building exercises, and strategic planning sessions, these agenda templates foster innovation, collaboration, and employee engagement.
  • An agenda allows attendees time to prepare in advance for any seminars or workshops.
  • An agenda clarifies the goals of the retreat, setting expectations and giving people a window into the kinds of themes that are going to be in focus.
  • We work hard to pull from our network which allows us more flexibility to stay within your budget.
  • We are paid via Planning Fees, Commissions from vendors and Referral Fees.
  • Planning fees are based on many factors which allows us to adjust here and there to ensure we stay within your budget. 
  • Meals are included.
  • We start with what most people order then make adjustments based on your group’s dietary restrictions and preferences.

Yes.  We are happy to help with this.

  • Companies host corporate events to facilitate team bonding, boost employee morale, and help everyone understand the company’s missions and their roles in goal achievement.
  • A corporate retreat is a company excursion as it takes the entire company out of the workplace for team bonding experiences.
  • However, it is not just a team happy getaway.
  • While the focus is not on work, corporate events usually include business-related activities like workshops and presentations.
  • These productive sessions provide opportunities for companies to clarify things like company goals and values
  • Define your goals You should clearly outline what your company wants to get out of the retreat. For example, do you want to define company values? Do you want to improve communications? Do you want to celebrate achievements?
  • Communicate the plan and expectations Taking people out of their comfort zones for a retreat can create anxiety. They may worry about whether they’ll be safe, whether accommodations will be conducive, etc. Clearly communicating your plan and expectations will alleviate pre-retreat anxiety and set the tone for a more enjoyable retreat.
  • Plan for recognition of team members
  • Balance the agenda with work and play Plan your retreat itinerary to include a fair share of work and fun activities. Too many workshops may make your retreat tiring. When a location promises so much fun, the last thing employees will want is you always ushering them to conference rooms to listen to speeches. Also, limit organized sessions, and leave plenty of time for organic team-building exercises.
  • The perfect retreat location Never use the office or any other place your teams work. You may do a retreat venue research by asking sampling employees. However, endeavor to go for an exclusive venue with a little bit of the wow factor. Think about something on the beach, by a lake, or in the mountain…
  • Plan an event that caters to everyone. People in your group will have different needs. For example, while some will like physical activities, others may like more laid-back activities. To ensure your entire staff will love the retreat, plan the corporate event with inclusivity in mind so everyone’s needs are attended to.
  • Work with a professional Destination Retreat Consultant Work with expert facilitators to lead productive workshops. Employees tend to open up to a stranger than a boss in such settings.
  • Build fun into the agenda Retreats are only truly enjoyable when employees get to unwind and have fun. Fun means different things to different people, so there’s no end to activities you can include. However, favorite fun activities include guided tours, quiz games, scavenger hunts, horseback riding, etc.
  • Don’t cram your agenda Your daytime should not be packed full of organized sessions. People love time for themselves to do their own thing. So, also plan for times when people can venture off on their own. Such organic interactions facilitate bonding.